Lacerations and Cuts

Your face and your oral tissue need expert care when you are hurt because they are delicate, they serve important functions, they are often visible, especially the face, and permanent damage or infection can create a serious problem. If you are cut on your face or in your mouth, therefore, don’t ignore it. This is particularly true when an injury is around or inside the mouth, so be aware that your medical care should probably involve a dentist.

Many times, when an injury has occurred, the cause is a traumatic injury. In that case, one or more bones in your face could be broken, such as your chin, jaw, nose, or cheek, and you might need help from a maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you heal correctly and that your appearance and ability to function later will both be as normal as possible. Since your face is so important when you interact with other people, it is extremely important that you get the best care possible.

Surgery involving the jaw may require the use of metal braces, screws, or plates, along with rubber bands and thin wires to ensure that your fractured jaw stays in the correct position through the healing process. In that way, the surgeon can make sure the bone is aligned correctly. The surgeon may also use dental splints or dentures after the surgery as another way to ensure that the healing process goes well.