If you have a section of missing teeth in your mouth, your dentist can replace them with a natural-looking bridge. They can be made from porcelain or a gold alloy; they also could be made from a combination of materials. They look real, are not obvious, and can fill in the gap caused by the missing teeth so that your mouth looks normal instead of hollow. A bridge can also correct your bite.

There are several kinds of fixed dental bridges. (The fact that it is fixed means you can’t take it out.) Dentists can use conventional fixed bridges, but they might also give you a cantilever bridge or a resin-bonded bridge. In some cases, the owner can remove and clean them; in other cases, the dentist has to be the one to take them out.

Dentists also sometimes use an appliance called an implant bridge. It can be attached to the bone below the gum tissue.

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Dental Bridges